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Liam’s story

My name is Liam Daniel Holland, and I’m from Rawcliffe Bridge. I’ve been working with the Green Team since late June 2016. I volunteer in the Green Team office, and I’m also willing to help out sometimes down at Westpark, where the Green Team grow and store all their new, fresh plants. When I first […]

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Will’s Story

“My name is William, I am 26 years old and I live in Goole. I have been with The Green Team for nearly 1 month. I admit I was a bit nervous at first when I started volunteering with The Green Team because it was starting a new challenge and doing a completely different type […]

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Terri’s Story

Terri was introduced to The Green Team through her boyfriend who is a current Volunteer. She began by working with The Team in May for 1 day per week and then, as she became more comfortable and confident in her role, she increased her days to 2. “My name is Terri-Jade. I’m happy that I […]

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