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Charlotte’s Story

My name is Charlotte and I’m 22 years old. I first heard about the Green Team when I was at Goole College in my third year, in which my tutor was mentioning about work experience. I volunteered for a week with a friend from college and I really enjoyed it.

In June 2017 my college course finished. I had nothing to do and I was struggling with personal issues.

Eventually I thought of joining The Green Team. When I first started last year in September I was really quiet and shy but after a few weeks of volunteering I became more confident and I made some great friends in the team and we all have a laugh and a bit of fun. I’ve learned how to use the small mower and I’m practising how to use the strimmer and the hedge cutter. I recently completed a health and safety session and I’ve learned how to carefully operate the power tools.

I also work down at the poly tunnels at West Park, usually working 2 days a week or sometimes more depending on plant sales. I enjoy planting seeds and watering them, as well as seeing them eventually come out and looking beautiful. I’ve planted various flower seeds such as crocuses, hyacinths, primulas and pansies alongside others. Me and a few other volunteers down at West Park have also made hanging baskets which looked absolutely beautiful after we had finished them.

I’ve grown as a person after I’ve joined the team and I enjoy helping others out and making the gardens look nice and tidy for the customers. I have also learned how to interact with customers while doing plant sales and I offer to help out in any way I can. I won’t be leaving any time soon as I love it here and everyone does a fantastic job.

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