Liam’s story

My name is Liam Daniel Holland, and I’m from Rawcliffe Bridge. I’ve been working with the Green Team since late June 2016. I volunteer in the Green Team office, and I’m also willing to help out sometimes down at Westpark, where the Green Team grow and store all their new, fresh plants.

When I first joined, I felt like I needed something else, something new to have a go at, new experiences and improve my skills, not only just in admin, but in meeting new people and having a crack at stuff what the Green Team do. I mean, it’s what the people closest to me always say to me, “You never know till you’ve tried it”. So I decided to give a shot.

I have really enjoyed it so far, particularly in when I went to Sewerby Hall, seeing the gardens and seeing animals I’d never seen before, getting on and having fun with the other volunteers and staff, and showing and trying to improve my skills in the office, which my bosses David and Cheryl think are “brilliant”. My confidence has improved a bit. And it may improve a bit more when I am due to make a presentation about the Team’s visit to Sewerby at an AGM meeting at the Courtyard in September. I’ve got no intention of leaving anytime soon, cos I think the more experience I have, the better chances I will have in the future. So I do think it may definitely be worth it.

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