Opportunities for people out of work and students

volunteers from Selby College

These young people from Selby College developed greatly whilst working with us and we felt privileged when they asked if they could continue past their end date!

Working for The Green Team can be a potential stepping-stone to employment. It offers the Volunteer invaluable skills which can be transferred to working life. The experience
that is gained has a motivating effect and helps to improve chances of future employment. We also offer references and can help with C.V’s.

The Green Team is able to offer training and experiences that moves the Volunteer closer to employability.  We offer work placement opportunities for individuals who are out of work or students
attending college and we often have referrals from local agencies and organisations.

Some of our Volunteers adopt a mentoring role – welcoming an opportunity to share their knowledge and skills. They take on tasks including motivating new comers; building confidence; offering information around volunteering; providing support. This can make a big difference to the confidence, self-esteem and aspirations of mentees.