Volunteer Allotment Plots

our allotments

Enjoy growing your own produce on one of our manageable, mini plots.

We provide free, optional access to mini plots at our allotment site for our Volunteers.

We know that for many people the thought of taking on a full sized allotment plot is too great a responsibility but our mini plots are more manageable for most and an excellent way of having a go at growing produce. For those who feel they have limited skills and don’t feel very confident at the beginning, they can also take part as there are others in our team that enjoy offering support and passing on their valuable knowledge. Nurturing home grown produce encourages healthy eating and our Volunteers can choose to offer the produce that they have grown to their own family and friends or offer a little to us to sell as a boost for our funds. An additional benefit to having our allotment is that it enables us to be able to provide a space that can be an area of tranquillity when someone is looking for a sanctuary. Alternatively it can be a place that provides a valuable social meeting area for Volunteers who are looking for company or to make new friends.