What we stand for

We believe in developing stronger communities. We do this through the work we do:

Improving Skills. By joining The Green Team, local people improve their skills and confidence through volunteering and access to our training provision. Volunteers increase their knowledge around horticulture but develop life skills in addition. Some individuals come to us lacking in the very basic social skills – we teach them and it is these that become lifelong skills, underpinning them as an individual.

Employment Outcomes. As Volunteers develop, they need new challenges. For some, the challenge that they seek is paid employment. Through their volunteering experiences, they have better life chances and increase their employability prospects.

Community Wellbeing. We create a healthier and happier local community, where older people or people with disabilities tell us time and time again that they have an improved sense of wellbeing through the provision of our service. Those who volunteer with us say that they benefit from improved physical and mental health through opportunities offered to them.

There are very few opportunities that truly enrich the soul like volunteering. It’s so rewarding to help a great cause for the sake of just wanting to make a difference to another person’s life. It’s not done for money and it’s not done for praise – it’s simply done to create a stronger community.