The Local Environment

protecting2Following our discussions with Humberside Police earlier this year, it is clear that by ensuring that the gardens of some of the most vulnerable people within our community are maintained, the potential for criminal activity is greatly reduced. Unmaintained gardens – being a possible magnet for the most unscrupulous in our society, can be a signpost for criminal and anti-social behaviour. Reducing the potential of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour reduces the demand on the police.

protecting-1Our service helps to protect our client group from outside criminal activity.

Our service helps to stop crime before it happens.

Our service helps in the prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Our service helps to improve the local environment.

Our volunteers work within our code of conduct – by showing respect for our individual clients and the environment they work in. We give them the opportunity to help others within their community and value them for the contribution that they make.